Spiritual Messages for Women

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Spiritual Messages for Women: Feminine wisdom for the menstrual cycle



Spiritual MessagesAre you missing something from your life?

Does your heart cry out for a daily spiritual relationship with the Divine, but it just seems so difficult to hold on to? What if you knew how to connect to the Divine – to dance with Her through the month and to feel Her loving presence and guidance every day? What if there was a secret female-only spiritual path that could answer our heartfelt cry?

Women’s natural spirituality is different to men’s spirituality, and yet unbelievably we expect it to be the same. Few women realise the important role their menstrual cycle has in their perception and relationship to the Divine. The Divine means different things to us in each phase of our menstrual cycle and our relationship to Her, our spiritual needs and spiritual expression, change with each phase.

Miranda Gray offers you a new spiritual approach based on the phases of the menstrual cycle to bring fullness back into your spiritual life.  Spiritual Messages for Women offers daily inspirational, supportive and loving guidance in tune with your four cycle phases, to show you how to create and enjoy a wonderful loving relationship with the Divine every day throughout the whole month.  Dip into the sections once a day or throughout the day to reach out to the Divine and join Her dance.

Miranda returns to us the secret of living a female spiritual life in a masculine world.

Miranda GrayAbout the author:

Miranda Gray has undertaken a lifelong exploration of the effects of the menstrual cycle on women’s perceptions, feelings, needs, creativity, sexuality and spirituality. Her book Red Moon explores women’s spirituality, while The Optimized Woman shows us how to apply the gifts of the menstrual cycle – days of optimised skills – to everyday life. Her work has helped many women to understand themselves, to see their cycles as positive experiences, to live in harmony with their cycles and meet its needs, and to build understanding with partners and family.

Miranda is also the originator of the worldwide ‘Womb Blessing’– a gift of blessing from the Divine Feminine to validate our femininity in all its forms, to release us from guilt and restriction, and to reawaken the sacredness of our womb. Miranda teaches worldwide and writes from home in the UK where she lives with her husband and a mad Siamese cat.




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